Active Meditation with Sandeep Shrestha

Active Meditation with Sandeep Shrestha

Active meditation 

Know your essence! 


Active meditation blends intentional breathing techniques with movement of awareness which calm the mind, and induce relaxation. The breathwork helps to activate the pineal glad to pressure up and squeeze and release Dmt and other chemical in your brain which may give you some mystical, psychedelic and spiritual experiences. Through rhythmic breathing as we guide you through the energetic centers ( chakras), and accordingly, it helps to open up the blockages in those chakras which helps to experience the bliss. In doing that, suppressed emotions such as sadness, laughter, anger, and joy surface and are released. This process may lead to a state where duality dissolves, revealing an absolute, formless dimension of pure being. 


In this realization, the practitioner transcends the search for fulfillment outside themselves, recognizing their true essence.


This meditation is solely designed for the one who is seeking to know who they are and for the seekers to delve deeper into the realm of spirituality. 


This month Sandeep is offering 2 Active meditation class before heading his way to Europe for his teachings and June is the last month Sandeep is teaching in Nepal for this time until he is back to Nepal. 


Please book your spot in advance. Bookings opened till 4:30 pm 15th of June. And mark your calander; the last active meditation offering is on 22nd of June. 


You can book both session in advance to reserve your spot now or the next available active meditation practice booking is open till 4:30 pm 22nd of June. 


Let’s come together for this divine meditative practice and benefit through the practice and teachings.


Exchange: Rs.1800 per session


To book 

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