Sound Bath

Sound Bath

Sound Bath has been practiced for thousands of years as a tool of healing by people from Central & South America, and Asia. It is often combined with mantras that are aimed at moving people from a state of imbalance to balance.

Sound bath is an immersive and meditative full body and mind experience. Singing bowls are used in the production of sound waves. Sound works through vibration mostly through three levels; they are physical, mental, and emotional. Although healing through sound is recognized as an ancient practice, it is also increasingly being recognized by the world of science and medicine for its powerful healing ability.

Sound has an impact on every area of our lives, whether we are aware of it or not. It has the power to cure elements of our being that we have long forgotten about, as well as to eliminate negative energy and welcome a more centered state of being.

Benefits of Sound Bath

Stress and trauma are often held deep within our bodies as humans. The tension and built-up stress are released from the body through different sounds and vibrations produced by the play of singing bowls and other musical instruments.

It relieves anxiety, insomnia, and high blood pressure, improves blood circulation, assists in the parasympathetic nervous system, treats mental disturbance, and helps with jet lag and sleep deprivation.

At Avata, Sound Bath is performed by applying sound vibrations to the body as you lie on the ground and immerse yourself in a state of harmony and healing. Brass singing bowls and other relevant musical instruments are used in the session to produce the necessary sound and vibrations required for a meditative experience. 

Sound bath works great when you have the will to try it! Come and experience the power of sound at one of our sessions at Avata. We host both private and joint (public) sessions at Avata. For more details check out our events page




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