Soothing Soles Foot Scrub - 50gms

  • An exfoliating & cleansing foot scrub making you shower love to the area that bears the brunt of our entire body weight alone.
  • It contains soft, hydrating Chiuri Butter from Nepal & coconut oil combined with mild, gentle surfactant that gives baby foam but doesn’t leave slick, greasy residue after wash.
  • Glycerine contributes to hydrating the dry, cracked heels.
  • Natural exfoliators Walnut Shell & Pumice Stone powder help slough off dead skin cells & improves healthy skin on feet.
  • Helps reduce calloused feet & damage caused by harsh weather conditions like cracks, calluses, dryness & itchiness.
  • The essential oil blend of tea tree, peppermint & lemongrass is anti-fungal & anti-bacterial that helps remove foot odours & toe-nail infections.
  • The delight lies in the calm, relaxed feeling that comes after using the scrub and pampering yourself.
  • Apply a dollop sized amount on wet, soaked feet, scrub using your hands, foot scrubber or pumice stone all over the feet, between the toes & uptill the knees to get the most out of the scrub.
  • No greasy or oily skin feel after wash.

  • Price : Rs. 600
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