After Shower Body Oil - 100gms

We go high & low to find the right product for our facial skin but we what about our body? Covered & neglected under layers of clothes, our body skin needs care too, may be not as much as facial but it sure does. The itch, flakyness & pull will tell you that they need your attention, more than ever. The dry winter air, turned up AC in the room, hot showers are all equal culprits. Your answer to them all is just one product- Moonwake After Shower Body Oil. Specially formulated with ingredients that are anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, emollient, astringent, nourishing, anti-itch, healing & all things good, our Body oil is perfect to condition your compromised body skin right as you get out of shower through the day. The essential blend is soft, calming, warming, earthy, grounding that also provide cytophalactic qualities, tones and has ability to heal minor discolouration & wounds. Well, of course you could reapply again at night for Cleopatra-like skin.

  • Price : Rs. 1500
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