Sound Bath - April 23


Sound Bath - April 23

Calm is the key!

Come lay your mind to rest and find your center again with Ramesh as he bathes you in the healing power of the Himalayan sound bowls. Ramesh is a master healer with years of experience helping people release the conscious and unconscious stress and anxiety that we hold in the body. During the session, your body will be washed in sound vibrations that journey deep into the tissue fibers and stored tension in the muscle will start to be released. The sounds will soothe the nervous system, positively engaging the parasympathetic part of this system that brings calm and rest to the whole body. This practice is a vital part of our individual and collective healing from the strain that we have all lived through, it is open to everyone and no prior experience is necessary.

Take a break from your day with a sound bath that stimulates physical and mental wellness. Join us to meditate, heal, and connect through listening.